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21 February 2015 @ 11:32 pm
#56 - how to get away with ... battling scoobyatemysnax.  
It's time for the second battle for the year, yay. The idea came up more than 2 months ago but it took me so long to finish my set. I want to thank the awesome/amazeballs talented scoobyatemysnax for suggesting the battle and for being so patient with my slow icon making this year and once more for giving me one more reason to icon my favourite new show this year - How To Get Away With Murder. Every one of us choose 5 caps and 5 tropes, so that makes 40 icons total (but there are also some alts/rejects of course). The caps and the tropes are above each icon, so l think I should stop talking and take you to the icons.


shameless666's screencaps

01-05 shameless666
06-10 scoobyatemysnax

scoobyatemysnax's screencaps

11-15 shameless666
16-20 scoobyatemysnax

shameless666's tropes

amoral attorney beware the quiet ones manipulative bastard shirtless scene wham shot
21-25 shameless666
26-30 scoobyatemysnax

scoobyatemysnax's tropes

bad blue lighting off with his head tastes like diabetes the future is noir white void room
31-35 shameless666
36-40 scoobyatemysnax

shameless666's alts/rejects:

scoobyatemysnax's alts/rejects:


* comment and credit the correct maker if you take any icon :)
S.: Revenge | Someone has to payshameless666 on February 22nd, 2015 09:55 am (UTC)
You complimenting my text work is just crazy cool, because I love love your text icons, I've saved like all of them :D

#4 - damn, I feel like I've used every short phrase from this series already and used pink, because, well, Anna deserves some happy moments or in this case colors :D #12 - I've posted it in LIYM thread over icontalking, maybe that's where you've seen it. This icon took me hours, because I had no idea what to do with the cap and basically I tried EVERYTHING, but I'm pretty happy with the result. #33 is one of my favs as well and I also really like #35 - I haven't made b&w icons in a while and this is one of my fav b&w icons I have ever made.

Coloring is my favourite part of iconing, it turns out that everything looks good in green, so if I can't get the colors I want, green will always be my saviour (or b&w of course, but who I'm kidding - I love rainbows!). #3 - purple is still the hardest for me, I hardly can make it work :D And sadly I haven't saved a textless version :(

And again, thank you so much! ♥