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#131 - multifandom for somein30 + supernatural battle.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Wish you all the best and may next year be better for all of us!

I can't believe it's been 2 months since my last post, but inspiration comes and goes I guess. I missed last round on somein30, but I managed to make some icons for the current round. The theme is "Memory Lane" and I went with... normal mode again *pretends to be shocked* :D As you all know I'm not very experimental person, so I don't feel my style has really changed over the years, I just got better at it I guess (and hope!). Also we said goodbye to Supernatural over @ icontalking with a battle, organized by sietepecados. And that's pretty much it for today, so enjoy and happy holidays!

[16] Supernatural, [5] Elite, [5] Teen Wolf, [3] Shadowhunters, [2] Arrow, [1] Legend of the Seeker, [1] Merlin, [1] Once Upon a Time, [1] Pretty Little Liars, [1] The Vampire Diaries

somein30-2010.png somein30-2012.png somein30-2015.png spn-cap4.png

[10] Multifandom for Round 04: Memory Lane @ somein30

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

somein30-2010.png somein30-2011.png somein30-2012.png somein30-2013.png somein30-2014.png [01-05]

2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2020

somein30-2015.png somein30-2016alt.png somein30-2017alt.png somein30-2018.png somein30-2020.png [06-10]

[Some ramblings]
2010 - This was the year I discovered LJ, my posts contained pretty much hundred icons from the same episode with the same coloring lol Thank God, they've been uploaded to tinypic, so will never see the light of the day again :D My main fandoms were Legend of the Seeker, The Vampire Diaries & LOST
2011 - Pretty much the same as 2010, I've discovered some challenge communities, but nothing else changed. Main fandoms were The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Glee
2012 - Haven't been much around that year, but I was still obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural
2013 - After a short break I returned with new account and some improvement. At least I used various coloring lol. My main fandoms were Merlin, Once Upon a Time & Harry Potter
2014 - Still going strong and making tons of icons. I think this was the year I was accepted in some elite communities, yay!! Main fandom were Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time & Harry Potter
2015 - A lot of battles with great makers this year, I was honored. And looking back, for some reason half my icons are yellow, which is my hardest color to work recently. Main fandoms were Teen Wolf, Arrow & Sense8
2016 - I think this was the year I improved most, looking back I really enjoy most of the icons I made. Main fandoms were Shadowhunters, MCU & The 100
2017 - This was very busy year, both in my personal & work life, so iconing wasn't the main priority. I still made a lot of icons though. My main fandoms were Arrow, Sense8 & 13 Reasons Why
2018 - I was MIA pretty much for more than a year, but managed to make a single set before dissapearing again. I was obsessed with Elite
2020 - Wasn't around 2019 at all, but I returned this year. I'm still obsessed with Elite, obviously.

somein30-2015a1.png somein30-2015a2.png somein30-2015a.png somein30-2015alt.png somein30-2017.png [11-15]
somein30-2016.png somein30-2016alt1.png somein30-2018alt1.png somein30-2020alt.png somein30-2020altaa.png [16-20]


spn-cap1.gif spn-sam2a.png spn-cap4.png spn-favcolor.png spn-dean.png [21-25]
spn-favvillain.png spn-rowena1.png spn-charlie.png spn-bobby1.png spn-favvilltechique1.png [26-30]
spn-cap5.png [31]

spn-sam2.png spn-sam1.png spn-favcolor1.png spn-cap4a.png spn-rowena.png [32-36]

* don't repost to fanpop or anywhere else
* comment and credit if you take any icon (either shameless666 or mundodefieras )
* comments make me very happy :)
* if you like what you see, watch the community for updates
Tags: tv: arrow, tv: elite, tv: legend of the seeker, tv: merlin, tv: once upon a time, tv: pretty little liars, tv: shadowhunters, tv: supernatural, tv: teen wolf, tv: the vampire diaries

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